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Thank you for taking the time to visit. I write fiction, flavoured with African sounds, scenery and a teeny tiny amount of fantasy. I’m also an avid reader, a consummate introvert and a wife and a mom. Please stick around and follow me on an inky journey across lands untouched by reality.

The Surrogacy Deal

Kemi and Nnamdi are a young couple married for several years without a child. An accident induced miscarriage in the first year of marriage had left Kemi struggling to conceive. Her mother-in-law who had never accepted Kemi as her son’s bride is mounting pressure and Kemi desperately tries Surrogacy in a most unconventional way. The plan boomerangs leaving in its wake misery, dejection, a murder case and ultimately the disintegration of the marriage….


A young princess. A forced betrothal. The quest for survival.

Princess Kaella of Yatz’s serene world comes to a grinding halt when her tiny village is invaded by forces of the Great Sol, an arch rival of Arkaz, under whose rule her village falls. Fleeing for her life and from a forced betrothal, she teams up with unlikely allies, searches for her kidnapped sister and hopes to bring back help for her village…