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Hello there, welcome to my blog! It’s nice to have you here. Grab a seat, feel free to look around and get cosy. Here, I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts, happenings around the world that I find interesting, snippets of my multifaceted life and stuff I’ve learnt and still actively learning about writing and parenting…

yeah parenting. Has anybody noticed that it never gets easier as children get older? I mean, when your kids are still babies, you find yourself sleeping only a quarter of the night, waking up severally to tend to or feed a crying baby and you tell yourself it would get easier once they’re older but no sooner are they toddlers than you find yourself rushing to keep up.

Your tiny tot is now a bundle of energy who has discovered the joy of walking and running. He’s now eager to explore the world around him, starting with his little universe—your home. You find yourself childproofing your home, keeping items out of reach and of course, cleaning.

Lots of cleaning.

Your once spotless living room is now bound to look like an aftermath of a hurricane scene after only a few hours. 

But it would get better, you say and probably it does when they get to school age. Then, you actually do get a reprieve of a few hours once they are off at school. Speaking of which, has anybody noticed the tons of homework schools send back home these days? I mean, like do the schools take parents as teaching assistants or what? I get the fact that homework helps to reinforce what’s been taught at school and helps keep the child engaged at home. But when a child can’t independently figure out what to do with a homework he or she’s been given, one begins to wonder…

That said, I’ll be dropping my pen here. Please stick around, leave your comments below (I love to read them) and don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter!

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